HIPAA Security Training Materials | PPT | Manual | Certificate and More | Download Today

HIPAA security training materials - consisting of a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT), in-depth security awareness training manual, checklists, tracking spreadsheet, and a certificate of completion - are available for immediate download today from the industry leaders at myhipaasecuritytraining.com. With years of healthcare experience, ranging from auditing, compliance, and information technology implementation projects, the experts at myhipaasecuritytraining.com have developed what’s arguably the most comprehensive, in-depth, and easy-to-use HIPAA security training materials found anywhere today. 164.306 - Administrative Safeguards - mandates the following, “Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management)”. This simple statement, though brief, requires covered entities (CE), business associates (BA), and all other relevant parties to do just that - undertake annual security awareness training, which starts with HIPAA security training materials from the proven and trusted experts at myhipaasecuritytraining.com.

HIPAA Security Training Materials | PPT | Manual | Certificate and More | Download Today
You’ll receive comprehensive documentation consisting of the following:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (PPT): Detailed presentation covering all aspects of HIPAA security (Privacy and Security Rules, Breach Notifications, HITECH, etc.), along with dozens of topics relating to security awareness.
  • Training Manual: In-depth employee security awareness training manual filled with dozens of sections and categories pertaining to HIPAA and general information security topics.
  • Checklists: Detailed checklists geared specifically towards I.T. personal involved in developing systems and software that store, process, and /or transmit electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI).
  • Employee Tracking Spreadsheet: Easy-to-use spreadsheet for keeping track of employee training progress.
  • Certificate of Completion: To be awarded to all employees who’ve successfully completed all mandated HIPAA security awareness training.
HIPAA Security Training Materials | PPT | Manual | Certificate and More | Download Today
The HIPAA security training materials have been extensively researched, developed, and authored by industry leading health care professionals - compliance officers, H.R. personnel, information systems experts, and other experts. To learn more about the HIPAA security training materials, view the following sample documents today: